Givenchy L’Heure Rose Spring 2021 Collection

On January 3, 2021, Givenchy will launch L’heure Rose Spring 2021. The pink tone of the cherry blossom trees and the color of the dawn sky inspired the concept. The collection was produced as a limited edition release for Japan only by Artistic Director Nicola de Gennes.

Givenchy L’Heure Rose Spring

The matte, satin, sparkle and metallic textures of Le 9 De Givenchy are available in nine colors. The Lanteldi No. 1 Frozen Blue lipstick is an icy blue that looks like the sky. The lipstick can be worn alone or over other colors to create a unique look. It has a translucent blue tint with glitter to it.

The set includes two shades of lip gloss. The gorgeous early sky inspired the colors. The No. 25 Purple Addition is a purple-pink that changes color in reaction to pH, precisely like the sunrise; the No. 26 Magnetic Blue is a cobalt blue that is transparent like the dawn sky. It turns rose pink as a result of the pH adjustment.