Hip Hop Royalty Shante Broadus is The Boss Lady

As the partner and anchor to one of Hip-Hop’s most notorious rappers, Shante Broadus is the spouse to West Coast superstar Snoop Dogg. Aside from being the mother of three children and a devoted wife, Shante has expressed her love for music, fashion and entertainment by creating her own companies to empower women worldwide. Through this exclusive OliveCocoMag interview, Shante discusses her devotion to Lupus research and awareness.  Shante serves on the board of Lupus LA, an organization both she and Snoop became devoted supporters of after youngest daughter Cori was diagnosed with the disease.  She also opens up about her marriage ups and downs with Snoop and tells us why you should take a personal time-out for yourself. You may call her Mrs. Snoop Dogg, but we call her the Boss Lady.

Shante Broadus
Photo Credit: Jeffrey Harleston

OC: You’ve been in the industry via your husband for over 15 years. How are you able to find your own voice and passions outside of your mega-star husband’s shadow?

SB: It’s hard but not impossible. I’m just thankful I have people that love me for who I am and love Snoop for who he is and that love us as a couple. I’ve always had my hands in projects trying to figure out what I’m passionate about. My passion is Music and Fashion. I think it’s important for women to have time for themselves and figure out what makes them happy because it’s so easy to get lost in our husbands/kids and everyday lives and we can forget to live ourselves.

OC: After your beautiful daughter Cori was diagnosed with Lupus, you have been very vigilant in supporting Lupus LA. How has being active helped you and your family cope with Lupus?

SB: We admire each other’s dedication to help Cori and help other’s cope and understand Lupus. I have a strong team behind me that’s constantly trying to figure out new things and new ways to get the message out there. I’ve been training for the 26 mile LA Marathon for Lupus LA in March,and this is my second year participating. They see my seriousness and dedication. We encourage each other to stay strong and realize that it’s more than just your diagnoses. Life is you and what you make of it.

OC: Why is it so important for you to be publicly active in the awareness of Lupus, a disease that’s often misdiagnosed and also affects African American women more than any other demographic?

Photo Credit: instagram

SB: Before Cori was diagnosed with Lupus, we visited several doctors to try to figure out what she was being affected by. It wasn’t detected right away from any doctors. Lupus is often mis-diagnosed. When we found out Cori had Lupus, we didn’t know what Lupus was or where it came from. The more information we recieved, we got more educated on Lupus and we felt it was our responsibility to raise awareness. Me and Cori sat down for hours talking about sharing her story to help other people that are going through the same thing or those who have loved ones affected by Lupus. She was on board from day one about sharing her story and she inspires me with her strength.

OC: Women are definitely finding-and have successfully found-their voices in this industry. How did you come up with Boss Lady Ent?

SB: I was working with Rage as a management company.

OC: What is the Lady Lounge and how important is it for women to have their own “thing”?

SB: The Lady Lounge is a dance studio and a recording studio. I have classes weekly for my ladies that want to have their sexy back or keep it! I also have my artist and various artists come and record in my recording studio. It’s very important for women to have their own thing and maintain a balance of self and having their own livelihood. When you have your own thing, it makes you feel empowered and independent.

OC: How have you been able to stay so positive through life’s trails?

SB: Remembering giving up is not a option. Understanding that life comes with the occasional ups and downs. I take what I can and an escape is music, I LOVE music! Remembering to take time out for myself and learn from it. Everything happens for a reason. I have to remind myself to stay positive and optimistic through it all.

OC: As a mother of three, wife, and business-woman, you have your hands full! What do you do to unwind and relax to stay mentally and physically healthy?

SB: Working out! That keeps me happy: When I’m looking good, I’m feeling good. My mental escape is music, I LOVE music! I must remember to take time out for myself.

OC: Relationships are tough in general, but when you’re in the spotlight, there’s a lot of added pressure.  What was the breaking point when you knew you all were headed for a separation/divorce?

SB: We knew we were headed for divorce once there was little to any communication between Snoop and myself. It just seemed as if we wouldn’t have been able to break from that. It just seemed like we had fallen out of love. We didn’t know that in a relationship we would spend half our lives falling in and out of love with each other. I love him more than I did a year ago, each year we get stronger.

OC: Why is it important for you to be so honest about you and Snoop’s marital problems and reconciliation?

SB: At the end of the day we’re still faced with the ups and downs that many people go through in a relationship; maybe someone has been or is in a situation like myself and Snoop. We continued personal growth and strengthened the love we have for each other through love, patience and time. We didn’t give up on us. I think it’s important to be honest because it’s easier for others to relate that are watching us…continue a marriage success.

OC: With so many Hollywood couples divorcing at a seemingly alarming rate, what do you and Snoop do to ensure that you all will never go down that road again?

SB: Lots of communication, compromising, listening and understanding each other. Snoop treats me like his Boss Lady and I respect him as a man, husband and father.

OC: Thankfully, you had your own thing going on and appeared very independent, so what’s one of the biggest things you learned bout yourself during the rocky relationship period?

SB: I’ve learned to love Shante, love my role as mother and to love myself as being a wife. And no matter how many downs I may go through, it’s always important to stand up…to stay up…and never give up!

OC: Your family had a reality show and seemed to be a pretty normal clan. Would you do reality TV again and what were some of the ups and downs of doing a reality TV?

SB: Most def! Yes! I would love to do another reality show. The ups about doing the reality show is it was family time, working with the kids, and having fun enjoying ourselves letting the world get a glimpse of who we are as a family. The down about doing a reality show is that it’s not ‘so reality’, but so far I’ve been receiving major love and support.

OC: Now that your children are growing up, how do you reconnect and keep a spicy, healthy relationship with your husband?

SB: Communication. Dating…Me and Snoop date more now that the kids are getting older and they’re into their own things. We support each other in more ways than one. I’m grateful we have true love on our side.

OC: What type of relationship advice can you give to young women?

SB: Remember to trust in yourself, love yourself, and honor and respect yourself and the rest will follow. A man will respect a woman that will respect herself. Know your worth!

OC: What the first thing that comes to mind when you hear these words-

Boss– Leadership
Feminism– Strength
Family – Love and support

OC: Many OC readers share the same dreams, fears, love lives, and insecurities, but in the end we are all tough! What do you think of OliveCoco’s mission? And what makes you a strong OliveCoco woman?

SB: I love OliveCoco’s mission statement. It’s very empowering and speaks volumes dealing with women of style and different cultures…We all are one and can relate. What makes me a strong OliveCoco woman is I AM woman. I reflect style, culture, and strength living to empower other people through my passions and outlook on life.

OC: You have a dance and recording studio, a management company, a clothing line, and so much more. What are you most looking forward to this year?

SB: A year of determination! I’m determined to make make B.L.E, CoCoRi, and IAM SHANTE a success story. My heart is in it, it’s time! I know this is what I want for myself and the direction I’m going in.