If you are wondering why car window curtains are not much common as the normal window tints, then the reason is that there are legal limitations in certain countries that clear glass should be maintained. Having a curtain to cover your windows is an ideal option for privacy concerns. Drawing the curtain would also give a safe and peaceful vibe during your journey. Therefore, having car window curtains would be a better idea than having tinted windows that are transparent. But, it is important to follow the state’s legal considerations on this.

However, if you are interested in getting curtains for your car windows, then you need to research some facts. To clarify all that you need to know about window curtains in cars, we have compiled this by including the production materials, legal conditions, sizing, and knowledge on choosing your ideal type of curtain.

Things You Must Know About Curtains for Car Windows

It is very important to purchase items that provide proper value for your investment. Sometimes these products do not meet the expectation of the user. This is common for the car window curtains that are available in the market today. Since privacy is an important factor in our lives, we expect to have privacy in our cars, too, even though it might be somewhat challenging. There are legal and personal issues that obstruct the choice of window curtains for cars.

Benefits of Curtains for Car Windows

Benefits of Curtains for Car Windows
Benefits of Curtains for Car Windows

You might have not thought about the benefits of car curtains before. It helps you to avoid harmful radiations that might cause damage to your possessions such as water, medicine, etc. Another important factor is the health conditions as curtains are able to keep away all harmful radiation and keep the interior cool. The use of curtains for car windows would be for either privacy concerns or fashion and styling preferences. Moreover, this would even prevent thieves from attempting any break-in as they cannot see anything inside. Ultimately, it would give you a comfortable feel and would never fail to give an aesthetic appeal as well.

Is Car Window Curtains for Privacy Legal?

car window curtains legal
car window curtains legal

This is a frequently asked question since you cannot purchase your product without knowing this correctly. Unlike in homes, cars have restrictions on visibility and the police have the authority to search your car in case of suspicious activity. Most countries allow curtains on public vehicles such as buses, school buses, and tour buses. According to the law, this is to guarantee the maximum comfort and privacy of the passengers. However, it is illegal to have permanent curtains for privacy. Someone might argue that this is the safest way to ensure personal protection and privacy when traveling. However, this is concerning public security and it is highly prioritized.

The rule still applies to temporary car curtains as well. Therefore, temporary car curtains would still be termed illegal and risky. This might be similar to getting accused of heavy car window tinting. You might get a large fine or even a sentence. Being caught as a first-timer would not save you from any obligation.

The different states have different interpretations on car curtains for privacy. Most states have laws against car window tinting, but not necessarily on window curtains for privacy. Therefore, you can easily benefit from this. Nevertheless, it is recommended to draw open these curtains to ensure proper visibility so that you will be safe from both visual interference and legal authorities. Despite all these facts, you are advised to go through the legal statements of your state and confirm this with the respective authorities before you decide on purchasing car curtains.

Know the Material of the Window Curtains

car window curtain material
car window curtain material

Most of the states have no clear statement about the allowance of curtains for private vehicles. Therefore, people tend to enjoy the benefits of comfortable curtains.

The aesthetic appeal might be the most favorite reason that people highly go for curtains. After all, every one of us would like to be in a visually appealing environment. But some textures might be uncomfortable and not worth the investment upon personal preferences. Therefore, it is always good to know the composition before you purchase. In order to gain better knowledge about the curtains, let’s identify the materials out of which they are made.

  • Decorator Fabrics

This is the ultimate material that is suitable for a curtain that is being used very often in opening and closing. The high thread count guarantees proper function for many years. This comes in fabrics such as silk, faux silk, velvet, cotton, sateen, and warp.

  • Garment and Quilting Fabrics

This might be having an even better thread count than decorator fabric. This might be the perfect fabric that you would prefer your curtains to be made out of. These are best for short-term use and have an elegant and classy fashion. This would be ideal for people who randomly change their tastes and go for great products easily.

  • Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics are also high-quality material that offers maximum comfort. It ensures maximum light passage to the vehicle while securing privacy. This is light in weight and thus the operation is easy. This is also easy to store and maintain.

  • Linings and Interlining

This works similar to sheer fabric but has more professionalism due to being lined. They are not faded easily and secure a fresh appearance for a long time. It is suitable for all-weather and guarantees comfort. It has a strong thread count which results in the curtain being more durable and properly functional.

What to Consider When Choosing?

When purchasing a curtain for your car windows, you should consider certain facts. This includes thread count, weave, durability, texture, and dimensions. High thread counts would make the fabric more strong. The durability depends on the amount of fading with exposure to sunlight. With all this information, you would be able to choose the perfect fabric for the window curtains of your car.

Check the Size Before Buying

Some people prefer to have window curtains that would drop down to the floor of the vehicle, while some prefer to have small-sized curtains that cover only the window area. To get a better idea of what you want, start with measuring the size of your car windows. With this measurement, you can determine the size of the rod. For this, add three or four inches more to the width of the window to make it easy for the moving of the curtain. 

size of your car windows
size of your car windows

When choosing the length of the curtain, it highly depends on the type of fabric you want to use. The interior design would vary upon the length and style of fabric. You can choose to have the length above the sill, below the sill, or further below up to the floor level. This totally depends on your personal taste preference.

The curtain sizes would differ with the manufacturers. So, without blindly accepting the curtain size, it is always better to measure the curtain as a precaution. The curtain width should be 1.5 to 3 times that of the window measurement. The difference is that fuller curtains have a rich look while short curtains have a tailored appeal.

What is a Frame Curtain for a Car?

This is a special form of curtain that is in the form of a frame and can be inserted into the front and rear windows. These would be used as alternatives to tinting as they reduce the light transmission. This consists of a metal frame and a textile or nylon mesh. The metal frame prevents the wear of material and is covered with a durable fabric.

This is made to the exact size of the window. The nylon mesh is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and also highly withstands strong wind and debris. These grids come in different colors and mesh sizes.

Types of Mounts for Frame Curtains

Frame curtains are attached to the car windows using three types of clips:

  • Metal frames are used to permanently fix the curtain around the perimeter of the window. However, this fixture is visible when the curtain is removed and not be much aesthetically appealing.
  • Latches are small metal clips used to fix the curtain to the window frame. These might not be as visible as in the previous case.
  • Magnets are firmly fixed on the frame and might be even sheathed with durable fabric. The magnets would fix the curtain firmly to the frame of the window.

The Cost of Frame Blinds for Cars

The Cost of Frame Blinds for Cars
The Cost of Frame Blinds for Cars

Curtains are created by car dealers based on both universal standards and on customized specifications. They also undertake special orders for situations like rare cars. The price of the product would depend on factors such as the fame and reputation of the company, the size and quantity of the set, and the quality of the material. Sometimes, you can buy two sets of curtains for a lower price than when buying one.

The quality of the material is also important because cheap mesh would not be able to block harmful radiation and stand the strong wind. They might even get worn and torn easily over time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Frame Curtains

Advantages and Disadvantages of Frame Curtains
Advantages and Disadvantages of Frame Curtains


  • Being a high quality accessory, it gives an original appearance that does not harm the interior appearance of the car.
  • Provides additional comfort in sunny weather.
  • Can change the level of dimming by removing or replacing the curtain mesh.
  • As laws do not prohibit using protective screens during parking, they can be made of dark material.
  • The curtain frame will not interfere with the window’s operation.
  • Avoids small insects from entering through the windows while providing ventilation.


  • Damaged mesh wire can injure you.
  • Inability to transfer anything through the window without opening the door.
  • Might create blind spots for the driver and obstruct vision.
  • Condensation forming between the screen mesh and window in wet weather.

Installation of fabric curtains or frame curtains is a matter of personal taste limited within legal restrictions. Therefore, you are free to choose what suits you best, while abiding by the laws at all times.