Car window tinting myths are the commonly identified misconceptions and rumors that misguide you. You should be aware of these, especially when shopping for products and services online. Even if you have already tined car windows, these misconceptions will upset and dishearten you. The bright side is that you can research about these and learn more about every field you need using online technology as well. 

Car Window Tinting Myths

We have compiled this article on the most common car window tinting myths that could misguide you. It is always good to learn the truth. So, here is an informative guide for you to avoid the car window tinting myths.

1. All Window Tints Will Bubble, Discolor, and Lose Effectiveness Quickly

Not all window tints would bubble and fade away. Only the cheaper tint films of low quality would result in this. DIY films might not be much efficient as the professional installments if you are inexperienced and do the work wrong. Usually, a quality window tint that is well installed would likely last up to about twenty years. So, getting your work done by a professional would create less impact with minimum fading ability over the years.

2. Window Tint Will Make Your Car Too Dark and Blocks Vision

A window tint would not completely block off all the light that comes into your vehicle. The harmful radiations would be blocked in terms of the VLT factor. This Visible Light Transmission factor determines the amount of light that reached the car’s interior. You can learn more about this from Car Window Tint Shades Chart. You would understand that you can choose the darkness limit of your vehicle according to your preference and the legal limitations. 

However, the interior of your car would not get oddly dark due to window tints. You can see the outside quite clearly even if you install a darker shade of window tint. They are not that dark as you judge them from the outside view. Usually, the windscreens are not installed with dark shades, so need not be doubtful about the dark vision at all. If you are not happy about having a darker shade, you can always opt to use a lighter shade. If you are highly considerate on this matter, refer to Tips for Choosing Car Window Tint.

3. Window Tint is Entirely For Cosmetic and Aesthetic Purposes

Aesthetic choices are just a single factor of all the main purposes of having a window tint. The main expectation is health and safety concerns as it blocks UV and IR radiation effectively. It also makes the car cooler by 40% to 60%. The window tints make your car a safer place in consideration of the harmful effects of the increase in global warming. It also cools and protects your vehicle. 

For more details on the health safety purposes of using a car window tint, visit our article How Does Window Tint Reduce Heat and also, Can Car Window Tint Block UV Rays.

4. Window Tint Protects Windows From Breaking

Having a window tint would not completely make your window unbreakable. But, high-quality window tints would definitely add additional strength to the glass due to the dense arrangement of particles on the window film. For more details, refer to our article on Types of Window Tint

An added advantage is that having a window film would reduce the shattering of the window glass. Even if a window is broken, the particles would not scatter all over, and the shards will be held together by the film. If you need a high-impact tolerant, almost unbreakable car windows, then you would need to get it done by customization.

5. Window Tint is Too Expensive

You need not come to a quick conclusion that window tints are expensive, simply because someone you know just installed a very expensive tint. This isn’t always the case. The prices would vary in wide ranges and depends on the type, brand, and quality of the product. If you purchase it and install it from the same place, then the cost would be even lesser than you expect. You can always choose a type that matches your budget. However, the privileges you experience would always be worth your investment. Clarify your doubts on this matter from How Much Does it Cost to Tint Car Windows.

Another major misconception related to this is that you would have difficulty when selling your vehicle with a window tint. Some buyers would not like to have already tinted windows. But this would not be the same for everyone. There are so many buyers looking for already tinted cars so that they do not have to take trouble installing window tints after purchase.

6. Window Tinting is Illegal

Car window tinting is not illegal but would have legal limitations. It is because the darker the glass would be, the harder the light penetration would be. This could result in road accidents as well as illegal activities. Therefore, it is always recommended to follow the guidelines of your state. Read more about this on Window Tinting Shades Chart.

7. Window Film Causes Glass to Break

This false concept has been rumored because it has happened in rare cases due to incorrect procedures and faulty installment of window tint. When solar-controlled films are being applied to the glasses, it increases the temperature of the glass considerably. This might cause the glass to break due to high thermal stresses and would depend on factors such as rapid temperature variations, size, and shape of the glass. This risk is applicable to building windows and managed properly by experienced film dealers using proper film recommendations. However, this is a complete tinting myth in consideration of vehicle windows.

These are only a few of the major car window tinting myths that we have picked to discuss. There might be innumerable other myths that you might come across. Remember that all you hear might not always be true. So, make sure to consult a properly qualified professional on the matter before you make any decision.

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