Smashbox and The Hoodwitch collaborate on a modern mystic makeup collection.

While the collection has yet to be made available to the general public, Smashbox has already set up a page on its website with a range of products labeled “coming soon.” An eyeshadow pallet, a highlighter, primer water, liquid eyeshadow, “crystalized primerizer” (primer plus moisturizer), shimmer drops, and lip gloss are among the seven cosmetic items currently offered.

The rates listed on the website range from $19 to $39.

According to a Smashbox Instagram post, the collection will be available only online at Ulta Beauty and on Wednesday.

Bri Luna, also known as The Hoodwitch. – Instagram @smashboxcosmetics

Bri Luna, alias The Hoodwitch, has amassed a sizable social media following thanks to her new age, witchy platform, which includes the main website and the usual suite of social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). She offers horoscopes and lifestyle advice for anyone interested in spirituality, mysticism, and holistic self-care, including the usage of healing crystals, on her website. Her Instagram account has 403,000 followers right now.

Smashbox’s most recent influencer collaboration is with beauty artist Vlada Haggerty, who previously collaborated on a 16-piece rose gold-themed capsule.

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