Shatterproof glass is an advancement in window glass technology that provides increased security for buildings. As there are many window glasses and films available for different purposes of energy efficiency, UV blocking, and heat reduction, the requirement of security for security purposes is one such necessity. Therefore, having an unbreakable window glass would serve this purpose. But is unbreakable glass the same as shatterproof glass? Let’s find out all about this.

What is Unbreakable Glass Called?

The term unbreakable glass is often referred to as glass that cannot be broken. However, generally, shatterproof glass, which is basically laminated glass, is also known as unbreakable glass. This type of glass is not 100% unbreakable, and instead, it is highly resistant to shattering. In the occurrence of a very high impact, this glass would break, but it will hold the shards from shattering. This would reduce the damage and injuries caused by the sharp edges of the glass. So this glass is very protective against natural disasters and thunderstorms. It can even delay the entry of potential intruders.

What is Shatterproof Glass Made of?

Shatterproof glass consists of two or more sheets of glass held together by interlayers of polyvinyl or resin. The polythene films are mostly polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). When an impact occurs, the glass absorbs it into a spider-web shape and retains its shape without falling off shards. This is a significant improvement of glass for both security and safety. These are used for both residential window applications and also in commercial windows.

Advantages of Shatterproof Glass

Being shatterproof is not the only benefit this glass has. There are many additional advantages that you can experience through the proper installation of laminated glass windows. The following are the main advantages of having shatterproof windows.

Safety During Accidents

Sudden accidents like the breaking of windows due to unexpected baseballs or the hitting of falling branches on windows can happen unexpectedly. During such incidents, it’s more likely for the glass of the windows to get damaged and fall apart. However, windows made with shatterproof glasses can withstand these impacts and prevent the glass from shattering into small particles. The laminated film would hold the broken glass pieces together and avoid any sharp edges. This would prevent glass shards from flying towards the occupants during the occurrence of any damage to the windows.

Prevents Forced Entry

As the shatterproof glass is not easily shattered, this adds security from forced breakage. It can stand repeated blows from common tools like crowbars and hammers. This would prevent intruders from breaking in and delay the entry up to four or five minutes. Very often, these intruders are opportunists that try to break into places that appear to have less security. Depending on the situation, if they find the windows hard to break, it can even prevent the entry completely.

Less Sound Transmission

The laminated shatterproof glass has an interlayer of thermoplastic polymer that reduces and blocks the sound transmission through them. So these window glasses are ideal for application in buildings near busy streets. It would make your home or business place more calm, peaceful, and quieter. Installation of shatterproof glass windows would provide the additional benefit of significant noise reduction indoors, which has a closer effect to the window soundproofing film.

Reduce Energy Cost

If you install shatterproof glass over your existing window glass, then it would convert the single pane window into a double-pane window. This helps proper internal temperature regulation and reduces the need for air conditioning in warm climates and heating during cold weather. Therefore, this affects the reduction of utility bills which would eventually save a lot of expenses. Through this, the cost of shatterproof window film installation can pay back very quickly. This is a significant advantage of installing unbreakable window glass, similar to the installation of Low-E window films.

Prevents Damage from Extreme Weather

Some areas may be largely affected by adverse weather conditions such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, and even tornadoes. Installation of shatterproof windows can help you reduce the damage caused to your property from these occurrences. If these heavy winds hurl a branch or other objects through a normal window, the glass is more likely to break and shatter. However, the shatter-resistant glass can withstand these impacts and avoid any damage caused to the people indoors.

No Impact on Visibility

Installation of shatterproof glass windows creates no impact on the appearance of the glass. It looks just like the normal windows and hence does not affect the view through the window. This means that you don’t need to sacrifice the visibility through windows when getting additional safety from this type of glass. Using bars and gates for security would appear uninviting and unattractive when installed. So the best option considering all these factors is the use of shatter-resistant windows. If you are interested in additional privacy for your home windows, you can try installing frosted window films over the glass windows.

UV Protection

The shatter-proof windows also come with the ability to block harmful UV radiation. This would help to avoid any negative health effects such as eye defects and skin disorders. It also reduces glare inside due to filtered light and causes less strain on the eyes when staying indoors. You can enjoy your time comfortably at home through this. You can also protect your curtains, carpets, furniture, and upholstery from premature fading and wearing off by the installation of these windows.

Disadvantages of Shatterproof Glass

There are no significant disadvantages caused by installing shatter-resistant windows. However, the improper installation would cause problems.

Problems due to Poor Installation

If shatter-resistant windows are installed incorrectly, you wouldn’t be able to have any of these benefits. To be more clear, considering the benefit of noise reduction, the window panes need to be fitted with the correct measurements and allowing sufficient airspace between the two panes. If this is not done correctly, the sound dampening will not work efficiently. As this window glass is not limited to shatter resistance, you can enjoy all other advantages if installed correctly by a professional technician.

What is Shatterproof Glass Film?

Just like the safety provided by the installation of glass windows, there are window films that provide a similar effect upon application on normal windows. This window film is made up of one or more polyester films held together by unique adhesives and creates a laminated effect on the glass. This is referred to as Security Window Films and provides the same benefits as the shatterproof glass windows but to a limited degree. If you are not interested in investing a large amount of money in installing new window glasses, you can easily install these window films over the existing windows.

What is the Most Unbreakable Glass?

If you are looking for extremely unbreakable windows, then you need to install polycarbonate panels. This is not real glass but a combination of polycarbonates, acrylics, and other plastic resins. Therefore, they are truly strong and durable, with very high resistance to any forced entry and aggressive attacks. They have even been tested for ballistic protection and provide the best security against firearm threats.

Unbreakable Windows Cost

If you are looking for the cost of shatterproof windows, then the cost is around $950 for a laminated installation on a double-pane window. However, if you need completely unbreakable windows made of polycarbonate, then this would be much expensive than this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of shatterproof windows?

  • Ability to be retrofitted over existing glass
  • Doesn’t require a specific frame replacement
  • Less costly than full window replacement
  • Stronger than other types of laminated window films
  • Ability to hold glass doors and windows solidly in place
  • Protection against multiple threats
  • Help in energy savings

What are the benefits of polycarbonate panels?

  • Ability to be retrofitted onto most existing glass
  • Comes with a security framing system
  • Available in two options of containment-grade and ballistic-grade
  • It has a low profile and attractive
  • Resistance against scratching, marring, and vandalism
  • Virtually impenetrable
  • It offers an unbreakable glass window

Are shatterproof glass windows burglarproof?

Shatterproof windows provide security against burglars by resisting the impacts and delaying the forceful entry. However, this is not completely resistant to burglar attacks.

Is laminated glass more expensive than toughened glass?

Laminated glass or shatterproof window glass is more heavy and costly than toughened glass. The shatterproof type is often used for window applications, while the toughened glass is used mainly for indoor applications.


The shatterproof windows are often referred to as unbreakable glasses, despite the fact they are not completely unbreakable. They provide very high protection from impacts on the glass and hold the glass firmly in place due to the laminated layers of polyvinyl interlayers. Therefore, laminated glass is clearly an effective solution to increase the strength of windows. You can install shatterproof windows in your home to avoid any intruders. Installation of these glass windows in your commercial buildings can also help to reduce the risk of potential burglars robbing the valuables of your premises. You can even add more security to your buildings by knowing the Tips to Avoid Burglary.

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