Window tinting aftercare is a hot topic researched by people who are have got newly tinted windows. If you still haven’t got your windows tinted, you can get an idea about the subject by referring to our article on Types of Window Tint. Furthermore, please refer to our article on Car Window Tinting Shades Chart if you need more clarifications about the shading options and limitations you have.

Taking care of your newly tinted car windows is not a difficult task. But it needs some attention and care. There are some general Dos and Don’ts that you should follow to protect your new window tint and make it last longer. So let’s identify what these guidelines are.

Aftercare Tips for New Window Tint

General Considerations on Newly Tinted Car Window

Rolling windows down after tint

It takes time for the adhesive to work completely and the film to cure. It does not happen overnight and you must be patient with the process. Rolling windows down after tint should be avoided strictly for three days at least. This is in favor of avoiding peeling off of the film while rolling down. It might even take more than four days to set in, depending on various conditions. The more you wait, the better it would be. 

Do not worry about water pockets

Sometimes, small water pockets may be formed between the new tint film and the glass. Do not worry about this or jump to conclusions that the installation is faulty. This is a normal situation and a temporary situation. During the process of installation, soapy water is sprayed on the glass before pasting the tint over it. Even though water is pushed out by a hard edge, water will not be removed until the last drop. Therefore, there is a possibility of water drops getting trapped inside. The tint films are usually porous and therefore, this water is evaporated after some time. You can learn more about this from our article How to Tint Car Windows.

Car wash after window tint

You should wait for at least two or three weeks before you do a car wash after the window tint. This is because the tint does not get completely cured before that. So, washing your car during this time might leak water into water pockets and this would harm the adhesive, detaching the film from the glass. So it is always better to wait for the longest you can before you head off to wash your car.

Cleaning newly tinted windows – Cleaning Tinted Windows

This is the most essential part that you should be careful in window tinting aftercare. It would help if you cleaned your car windows only after a month from the new car tint installation. Do not use abrasive pads for cleaning your newly tinted window. Always use a soft, clean cloth, a sponge, or soft paper towels. Do not press or wipe hardly on the surface of the tint. 

Whenever you use a glass cleaner, do not spray the cleaning liquid on the glass. Instead, spray the liquid onto a clean cloth and then wipe off the glass. You should definitely use an ammonia-free window cleaner. This is because ammonia is a substance that reduces the adhesive nature of the film. Ammonia is specially used in removing car tints. Refer more to this topic in our article on How to Remove Window Tint.

Be careful with sharp edges

You should take good care so as not to damage your newly tinted car windows with sharp edges or other hard material from striking the window. Do not use brushes as they may scratch the tint. Be careful when loading and unloading things like boxes that might have sharp edges and vertices. You should pay extra attention when buckling and unbuckling your seat belts as the buckle of the belt would most often strike the window when pulling on and off. Even though you might not notice this mistake, it would result in greater damage to your car window tint.

Removing excess adhesive

There is a probability of leaving behind some amount of adhesive residues after a new window tint installation. The best way to remove this glue is by using acetone which is harmless. Do not use any other harsh chemicals on the new tint. Put some acetone on a piece of cotton wool, dab it softly and remove the residues. Pay attention when you clean the edges of the window because if any damage is caused, the corners might pry up and start peeling off. 

How Long Does Window Tint Take to Dry

The freshly installed car window tint takes somewhere from one to four weeks in order to dry out completely. This might vary depending on the climate of the country or state. After about two weeks, the film of tint might have got adhered up to a certain risk-free level. During this process of curing within the four weeks, avoid touching the windows as much as possible and take special care when rolling down the windows, which should be done at least three days after the installation. 

Aftercare Tips for New Window Tint

Let’s briefly summarize the most important aftercare tips applicable for new window tints.

  1. Double-check whether the adhesive has properly glued the film.
  2. Always use ammonia-free products on the tinted windows.
  3. Use only mild soap and water for cleaning.
  4. Use a soft, gentle cloth or microfiber cloth for wiping.
  5. Use a squeegee for picking off moisture from the surface.
  6. Clean your windows in a shady spot as not to dry out quickly.
  7. Inspect your car windows on a scheduled regular basis.
  8. Get advice from a professional for any issues or imperfections

Follow these window tinting aftercare tips accurately in order to safeguard your newly tinted car. You can save the stylish, clean, and new look of your car for a long period if you protect it from any possible scratches, peeling, and prying up. Secure the quality of the windows to get the maximum benefit of the price you invested.


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