Car window tint colors are an ideal way of choosing the best aesthetic look on your car. It would be a great experience for you, as the color would solely depend on your personalized flavors. You can even get your colored window tint to match the color of your car. But still, you don’t need to limit your color options to this. You can choose the color depending on the vibe, style, or appearance you prefer.

Different Color Tint for Car Windows

What are the different color options for car tint colors available for you in the market? Of course, there would be a considerable range of colors to choose from, but your choices would be limited due to various restrictions. Let us guide you through the window tint colors that are available and also those restricted.

  • Gray/ Classic Charcoal

This is the most common type of window tint color and has a grayish nature. It may not be so stylish, but there are different shades that you would be interested in. Excess brightness is avoided in these and promotes privacy and safety from theft and robberies. The sun’s glare is effectively reduced by this type of gray window tint color.

  • Gold

This color is quite common but not much standard like the gray shades. You can easily find this color in shops under the normal selection. In general, gold window tint comes as a matte color. If you are looking for a shiny shade of gold, then you need to know that there are many restrictions on a vehicle’s reflectivity. The metallic shine of gold is due to its reflective nature and would not be used as car window tint colors.

  • Blue

You might be familiar with the blue car window tint as most vehicles have a part of few inches of blue tint on the top area of the windshield. Nevertheless, you can use blue tint on your windshields only if you are from the areas of Ohio and North Dakota of the states. Even so, there would be legal restrictions on the weight of the color. Other states do not allow any tint on the windshield. Blue window tint is banned in the states of California and Texas.

Restricted Colors for Window Tints

As mentioned above, there would be restrictions on the colors depending on the state you live in. The choices are limited, and if you go against the laws, you might have to get penalties. So let’s see what these restricted colors are.

  • Red

Red is one of the tint colors that are commonly banned. Some states, such as Georgia have banned red window tints as an unsuitable color for cars. There is no proper clarification as to why this color is banned. One suggestion is that, because red may seem like an emergency color, the vehicle with a red tint would look more like an emergency vehicle. Another idea is that having a red colored window tint would interfere with seeing the road signs clearly.

  • Amber and Yellow

Yellow colored window tint is banned from about ten states and amber is also banned in certain areas. If you drive across a state where the color on your window tint might be illegal, there is a probability for you to get pulled over. However, if the color is legal in the state where you are from, then you would not be fined.

  • Black

If you are wondering why black tints would be restricted, as they are similar to the gray shades, then you should know that there is a difference between gray colors and complete black. Having black window tints would block a large amount of the light transmitted into the vehicle. It would create a blurry vision. This implies that the Visible Light Transmission factor (VLT %) is very low in black. Hence, it would be illegal in almost all the states and countries.

  • Reflective Tints

Reflective colors are also against legal limitations. This is because the reflective nature of the window tints would obstruct the vision of other drivers on the road, during sunny climates, and also during the night. Therefore, the more you go ahead and choose a non-reflective tint, the more you would be within legal limits.

There are other conditions where the color shade you choose would have certain VLT factors. The legal restrictions would be based on this. Learn more about this from Car Window Tinting Shades Chart.

10 Tips for Choosing Car Window Tint Colors

If you are going to try out a new color on your window tint, then there are some considerations that you need to know, before you make the choice color. These are some tips that might help you during the process.

  • Window Tinting Laws

The consideration of window tinting laws is an important factor that you need to clarify before you choose a color. You can always change the color you chose before the installation, but it cannot be removed easily after installation. You would even waste your money in vain if the color you installed is not allowed within the legal limits of your state. It is always better to check the rules and regulations with an official. For example, the state of Texas allows a maximum of 25% VLT factor and 25% of window reflection.

  • Types of Car Window Tint

There are few main types of car window tint, namely dyed tint, metalized tint, hybrid tint, carbon tint, and ceramic tint. Identify these types and narrow down your choices to which type you would prefer so that you can choose the colors based on the type. For more details, visit our article on Types of Window Tint.

To learn more about the various technologies used in each of these types and to compare the material advancements in order to choose the best, read more on Regular vs Ceramic Window Tint.

  • Features of Window Film

What are the other features that you can expect from a window tint? The shade of color that best looks on your vehicle is an important factor. There would be a wide array of shade choices depending on the color. The stability and clarity of color, reduced reflection, and visibility during both day and night are other important aspects. Also, make sure that the color you choose has solar control and does not get damaged, faded, or worn out easily.

  • UV Protection

Use a color that is suitable for the installation of a good UV blocking mechanism on it. Some colors would not look good when the additional protective layer is used over them. Refer to more details on this at Can Car Window Tint Block UV Rays.

  • Try Few Samples.

Always try out few samples, physically at the store, before you make a decision merely from seeing them through a digital screen. This is because; the real color, shade, texture, and nature of the tint would always vary from what you see virtually.

  • Choose Your Favorite.

After all, it is you alone who should need to be satisfied with the new color on your window tint. As long as you are within the limits of legal restrictions, you can enjoy the shade of your favorite color without being pulled over.

  • Do not Limit Your Research.

You might have a familiar, acquainted shop or store for your normal car needs. But do not limit your potential only to purchasing from that one place. Drive through new shops, explore some new brands, and choose your ideal color to upgrade your car windows.

  • See the Previous Work by a Professional.

This is the best way to familiarize yourself with the actual product. Before you choose a professional to do your windows, see some of the work he has performed earlier and examine it. This is necessary because the real work after installation would be quite different from the product alone. Therefore, check whether you like the shade even after application by examining a previous work.

  • Maintain Your Window Tints.

You need to maintain your windows with good quality in order to make your favorite color last longer. For more on this, you should definitely read the article on Window Tinting Aftercare.

  • Know the Elegance of Each Color.

Different colors would give different vibes. The following list gives a brief description of a few of the various colors and what they interpret.

  • Gray – made to blend with the windows in order to look very natural and elegant.
  • Charcoal – creates a rich color with a slightly brown nature.
  • Black – adds a luxurious vibe to the car.
  • Bronze – this is mainly popular with Acura and Lexus vehicle owners.
  • Gold – this creates a grand, stylish, and classy impression on the vehicle.

Make sure to find the right, qualified professional for your window tint installation. There are also DIY kits that you can use to do the work yourself and save the cost. For more details, refer to our article on How to Tint Car Windows.

If you need to remove the existing tint before you try out the new color, refer to our article on How to Remove Window Tint.

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