Nano Carbon Ceramic Tint is the latest advancement in the industry of car window tints. People are always looking for new ways and means of keeping their vehicle interiors cool even during hot and sunny days. This is one of the main reasons that people tend to invest in nanocarbon ceramic car window tinting.

This would be an ideal option if you are considering remodeling or renovating your vehicle in the future. The main function of nanocarbon ceramic window tint is to reduce heat by blocking radiation and create shade to the interior. This is an advanced type of tint with non-metallic elements and hence non-conductive. Due to various products in the market today, it would be challenging to select the ideal type. So, it’s always better to do proper research and find details before you drive your car to the tint installer.

The most prominent variation between the nano ceramic tint and other tints is the process of manufacture. Usually, the window films are 2-ply. They have two layers of polyester sheets. The only material that changes is the layer in between these two sheets. Products such as dyes, metals, or hybrid of these two are used to form the ceramic.

There are various specialties and unique features in the protective and reflective properties of these. In terms of lifespan and durability, these tints are way ahead of all other types. It also has a high ability to reject heat and you can refer to more details about this by referring to Regular vs. Ceramic Tint.

Nano Carbon Ceramic Tint and Nano Ceramic Window Film

In the previous stages, the car owners were choosing either carbon window tint or ceramic window tint. These two were separate options and had to choose one of the two. However, the increasingly innovative industries have found new ways to combine these two technologies. Through this, new technologies have been developed to tackle their shortcomings and enhance their functions. The perfect formula that could combine these two varieties and their unique strengths has created the new nano ceramic tint.

The Blend of Carbon and Ceramic

Carbon is highly efficient in blocking IR rays and is the ideal component to use for interior heat reduction. Nevertheless, the particles are quite large that the light rays tend to bounce inside the film and create glare and haze which blocks the vision at times. On the other aspect, ceramic particles are too small and help prevent this haze and glare. However, this would oxidize more quickly when compared to others. Therefore, this would make the color shade of film lighter than that of carbon. 

The new blend of these two creates a film that the two types of particles share the responsibility of protecting the vehicle interior while managing the individual drawbacks. Lesser gaze, higher durability, and enhanced color are maintained through this nano carbon ceramic tint. This is highly advantageous when compared to the other automotive window films and metalized films available today.

Reasons Why Nano Carbon Ceramic Tint is the Best

Here are some reasons as to why you should choose nano-ceramic tint as your vehicle window tint. 

  • Signal Stability

Window tints other than the regular dyed film usually have a probability of interfering with terrestrial, GPS, satellite, and cellular signals. But, since nano carbon ceramic tints do not have any metallic composure, there are less likely to interfere with the radio signals of the vehicle. Hence, this would be an ideal way to protect your vehicle while enjoying the benefits.

  • Glare and Ultraviolet Protection

These are designed to guarantee protection from harmful radiation while maintaining a clear vision. These tints are clear and free of any haze, unlike in carbon tints. The harmful UV radiation can be blocked up to 99% and IR radiation over 80%. Since the material does not contain any specific form of dye, it is less likely to fade over time or change color. The vehicle would always feel cool even if you use your air conditioner at a low capacity. 

  • Quality

Vehicle owners today prefer the quality of the products more than all other aspects. The best way to find a proper quality check on this tint variety is to visit the relevant websites and go through all the related reviews on the product. Not only the positive feedback, but you should also check the negative feedback and find out the possible causes where things could go wrong.

  • Privacy

In the highly populated world today, there are so many vehicles on the road. This is evident when you consider the time you get stuck in traffic jams. Hence, privacy is very important. Being dark enough to secure your privacy, the nanocarbon ceramic tint does not interfere with the visibility of the road while driving.

  • Legal Restrictions

Legal limitations would not be problematic for users of this nano carbon ceramic tint. It is because the film is not much dark beyond legal limits. However, it is always good to know the accurate laws before you choose a window film. Therefore, to get a better idea of this, please visit Window Tint Laws in the U.S. by State.

  • Enhanced Protection

You would clearly feel the difference between the normal window tints and this type of nanocarbon ceramic tint when driving a long way on a sunny day. Car owners would barely want to use the air conditioner. Since the films are nano layered with carbon and ceramic properties, they both work together efficiently for this. This is also a safer option with modernized properties with regard to older versions of car window films.

These would be slightly costly than other ordinary standard films. However, researches show that using this type over other tints can save energy by reducing your fuel consumption up to 40%. Hence, these can be considered as a good investment for your vehicle as it reduces depreciation and helps you save money at the same time. This would also earn you profit when you trade or sell your car someday. 

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