Silver car window tint has been widely used during both past and present as it matches well with most colors of the car body. However, the modern silver tints are not mere fashion statements. They have added technologies for the protection of passengers. They are even more fashionable with wide varieties of shades with different additives. There is a wide range of shades for silver car window tints. So, you can easily choose the ideal match for your vehicle. 

Advantages of Silver Car Window Tint

  • Silver films being highly reflective would cause more sun rays to reflect and thus makes the interior much cooler. You would be able to reduce the function of your air conditioner and still feel comfortable. Refer details about the heat reduction inside vehicles due to tint application from How Does Window Tint reduce Heat.
  • You can ensure your health with silver car window tints as the high reflectivity also avoids UV rays from entering the interior. Learn more about this on Can Car Window Tint Block UV Rays.
  • High reflectivity also increases privacy and prevents theft and robbery even if you keep the car unattended. 
  • Due to less sunlight entering the interior of the vehicle, the fading of seat covers is very low. This helps to retain the value of the vehicle even if after some time.

Disadvantages of Silver Car Window Tint

  • Due to the high reflectivity of the window tint, there would be times when the vehicle coming towards you would get a bright beam of light at once. This would make a distracted vision for that driver and unable to see the road properly. This is the major reason that high reflective car tints are banned legally.
  • If the window tints get scratched, the damage would be highly visible, unlike the ordinary window tints.
  • Most of the attractive shades of silver tints are legally restricted for vehicles. So you would only be left with light shades to choose from. For more details about how the visibility is determined, look up the Car Window Shades Chart.

Shades of Silver Tint Windows

As in most other car window tints, the silver tints also have several shades of films. This depends on the Visible Light Transmission percentage. When the percentage is lower, the reflectivity is higher. This can be shown as follows:

  • 5% – Very Reflective
  • 15% – Very Reflective
  • 30% – Medium
  • 50% – Light
  • 70% – Light

Generally, when the percentage of silver is around 70%, the tint would be almost virtually transparent. So, low percentages would not be a problem in legal limitations. But it is recommended to get advice from professionals in your area.

What Determines the Quality of Silver Window Films?

The performance of silver car window tint is determined by factors such as extremely quick drying time and long-lasting stability of color. The advanced films are usable for cars with embedded antennas, and GPS systems as there are no metal particles used on them. They often consist of various shade percentages like 5%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 50% and 70%. They are less likely to fade over time and most products offer a warranty of “Never to Fade Purple”. They are guaranteed not to delaminate or crack. Thus, they are highly durable and most likely to last as long as the car itself.

These often match up to the factory car glasses well. Some are created as 2-ply films and are made from weather-resistant polyester. They provide an average UV rejection of 99%. These also use the latest technologies for heat rejection mechanisms and scratch resistance. These would be much less expensive when compared with other ceramic films.

How Much is Silver Car Window Tint? 

The average price of a film of silver car window tint would be around $100 to $500. But the cost would depend on the number of windows you need to tint. To get a better idea about the price concerns, refer to our article on How Much to Tint Car Windows

Can You Tint Car Windows Alone With Silver Window Tint?

This is one situation where you should be very careful about the films. If you choose to do the car window tinting yourself, then make sure to do it very accurately. This is because, if you make even a slight mistake in the installation, it can create a large impact on the reflective surface of the film.

If you really need your car windows to look flawless and perfect, then the best option for you is to get the work done by a qualified professional. The technicians are knowledgeable, have had hands-on experience for years in the field, and would install your window films with high quality. If you need more references on this, refer to How to Tint Car Windows.

Latest Types of Silver Tints

With the improving technologies, the manufacturers have come up with new ideas for marketing the silver window tints for cars. They have created various shades and qualities of films in order to provide the buyers with a wide range of selections depending on their budgets and other requirements.

Some of the most common names used to enhance the variations are charcoal, ceramic, and carbon relativities. There are types of window tints completely based on ceramic and then the regular tints. These are at the two terminals in terms of cost. The ceramic tints are the most expensive while the regularly dyed tints are the most affordable. To learn about these two types, refer to Regular vs Ceramic Window Tint.

They also have windshield tints for the states that allow the car windshields to be tinted. If you are interested in getting a car window tint of silver shade for your vehicle’s windshield as well, then you need to clarify your state’s legal limitations. To see more details about these, please read our article on Window Tint Laws in the U.S. by State.

Tips for Caring your Silver Car Window Tint

Since this is a highly reflective type of car window tint, you should be careful in handling these films both before and after installation. For proper caring after installation, please refer to the article on Tips for Car Window Tint Aftercare.

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