Mirror tint cars have become a popular trend. The reflective, lustrous appearance can create a stylish, unique look on your car. It is often created with a very thin layer of metal or metallic oxide. It allows a certain amount of visible light to penetrate the film. It also adds privacy to the passengers, without causing much darkness to the interior. If you are interested in getting a mirror window tint for your car, stay with us until the end of this article. We would bring you all the fine details related to what you need to know about mirror tint cars.

Can You Put Mirror Tint on a Car?

The response to this question of whether you can use mirror tint on your vehicle would depend on the laws of your respective states. Some states, such as Colorado, Delaware, and Hawaii have clearly have indicated that they do not allow any metallic or mirrored tinting, while some other states have indicated a legal percentage for the reflectivity that they allow. Some states are less concerned about the reflectivity of vehicle tints and have not imposed any limitations on this. So, you should first check the restrictions of your state. For more reference on this, visit Tint Laws in the U.S. by State.

Benefits of Mirror Window Tint for Cars

  • Efficient glare reduction is an important advantage you would receive from mirror window tints as any other car window tint.
  • The classic appearance of shiny windows is a benefit that you cannot get from any other window tint. But some people would not like the shiny appearance of mirror window tints and they might even consider this as a disadvantage.
  • Heat control is similarly efficient as all other window tints. For more details on this, refer to How Does Window Tint Reduce Heat.
  • UV protection is done by mirror tint, just as all other window tints. If you are interested in more information about this, please refer to the article on Can Car Window Tint Block UV Rays.
  • Prevention of fading of the seat covers and upholstery is the main advantage of mirror tint cars. This is because mirror tint deflects sunlight. Therefore, most of the radiation is reflected. The vehicle depreciation would be lessened due to this and would save your money in the long run.
  • Increased safety is obtained from a mirror tinted window due to less shattering ability like in other window tints.

How it Works

When you apply a mirror tint film, it resembles the nature of a mirror from the outside. The surface is reflective and has a metallic, shiny appearance. A mirrored tint film usually reflects light at a ratio of 3:1. This implies that the outside should be three times as bright as the inside to get the proper appearance. The window tints are made to support this. So, when this ratio is maintained, the people outside would not be able to see the inside of your vehicle.

It should be noted that this ratio would only be effective during the daytime. At night, if you switch on your interior light, then people outside will be able to see the inside clearly. So, you might even have to use blinds to maintain privacy during the evening and night drives when using reflective tint for cars.

Do Mirror Tints Come in Colors?

Yes, mirror window films are available in many colors and you can choose the best to suit the color of your car. If you are unable to find the exact color you need, then you can contact an experienced agent. They would even have options to customize the color you need. However, it is highly advised to be within the legal limitations when you do this because some colors would not be allowed in the states.

How Much is Mirror Tint for a Car?

This would depend on the type of tint, technology, and the number of windows you need to be tinted. More details on this are included in How Much for Car Window Tint?

Tips for Choosing Mirror Tint

  • Investigate the laws and regulations of your state.
  • Be concerned about the color of your car. Usually, light-colored vehicles look better with mirror tints. Mirrored tints with dark-colored tints would have a slight conflict with the dark appeal of the whole image.
  • Sometimes people would not test how the mirror tint would look on their car, before installation. This is a huge mistake that would even result in removing the tint and replacing it with another new film. Therefore, make sure to consider this before you purchase a mirror tint.
  • You should also consider the professional cost before you purchase the tints. In case you need to reduce the cost of labor, you can try it out yourself using DIY methods. If you want to know-how refer to How to Tint Car Windows.
  • Before you choose one final mirror tint, we recommend you to go around few car tinting shops, get details, look at more samples and make the decision. There could be many different types and varieties even in mirror tints.
  • Decide on the quality you need on your car tints. If you are using your vehicle very rough and in dusty environments, the highest shiny appearances will not last long., and it would be ideal to choose the average tints.
  • Even in mirror tints, there would be tints with UV reflecting ability and without. It is recommended to choose one with this ability if you live in a state with the constant sun.
  • Consider getting the help and guidance of a professional window tint installer. Even though the price would be more, you would be able to get a better outcome from the application. If you do it wrong, you would even have to remove the tint and would need to get help from How to Remove Window Tint.
  • The images on the mirrors might be obstructed due to mirror tints if there is low illumination in the background. If the surroundings are darker, then the efficiency would be less.
  • When you turn on the interior lights of your car especially at night, the film would most likely act transparently due to its nature. Therefore, when choosing a film, you would need to be concerned about counteracting this.
  • Taking good care of the mirror tint film is recommended. Refer to the article on Window Tint Aftercare Tips for more details on this.
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