Put a pair of pants on that bottle of wine!

With an old pair of slacks or denim trousers, you may dress up that bottle of wine you brought to your holiday dinner party.

What You’ll Need: 1 pair of pants (denim, dress, or corduroy all work great), scissors, fabric glue, or sewing machine.)

How to Do It:

1.Cut the legs approximately 12 to 5 inches below the knees.

2. Turn the inside-out piece inside-out and stitch or glue the ends together.

3. Cut a pocket in the front of the pant and sew it on. This is an excellent spot for storing a wine opener.

4. Place a bottle of champagne or wine inside.

Ziploc Bags Get a Whole New Use

Your gift will appear to be enclosed in a snow globe with the help of a simple plastic bag and some festive embellishments.

1 Ziploc bag (gallon-size works best), tissue paper, tape, scissors, and ribbon are all you’ll need. Confetti, pinecones, tinsel, and ribbon strips are all optional items.

How to Do It:

1.Tissue paper should be used to wrap the present.

2. Remove the plastic bag’s zipper.

3. Place the wrapped gift, as well as the decorative elements you’ve chosen (pinecones, ribbon strips, etc.) in the bag.

4. Use the ribbon to tie the bag shut.

Sandwiches and TV Antennas aren’t the only uses for tin foil.

Because it can be adjusted to embrace whatever item you cover in it, this material is ideal for those odd-shaped gifts. Wrap your boxed gifts with this reflective foil for an eye-catching shimmer that looks like tinsel from a Christmas tree.

You’ll need one sheet of tin foil, as well as a ribbon or paper strip.

How to Do It: Place the gift in the center of the tin foil sheet and pull the edges up and together at the top. Make a bow with the ribbon to tie the ends together.

Bonus Tip: Instead of a bow, add a strip of white paper to the top of the product to make it more appealing. Ta-da. You’ve got a Hershey kiss on your hand, and the paper strip will be your present tag.

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